The Wizard of the Emerald City

The Wizard of the Emerald City 1994

The evil witch Gingemma conjures up a cyclone to take little Elli away from her mother, and is crushed for her wickedness. Upon landing in the Magic Land, Elli's dog, Totoshka, becomes a remarkably intelligent advisor, who suggests she take the silver shoes the witch was wearing. Wralan, the Cyclone, reports the accident to Bastinda, the Wicked Witch of the West. Near where Elli's house landed is a cornfield with a Scarecrow, Strasheela, who wants a brain. When Elli rescues him from his pole, a Cowardly Lion comes to the cornfield and calls a truce so they can join together to see Goodwin the Wizard to have their wishes granted. In a dark forest, they meet Zhyelyeenee Drovosyek, a rusted iron woodchopper who wants a heart, and joins them on their quest. Bastinda sends an array of hazards, including an impish Ogre, knife wielding tigers, and winged monkeys to get the shoes from her. The monkeys are successful, and bring her to the castle. How will she find Goodwin now?

When You Have a Holiday Dominique

When You Have a Holiday Dominique 1967

Eight-year old Dominique has a name-day. Her parents have a gift for her, but only give it to her in the evening, when everybody has come home from work. Then she darts out, where her girlfriends are already waiting for her.

In the Heart of the Forest

In the Heart of the Forest 1954

The tale of the little badger, who did not want to learn to produce their own food and dig burrows. And once, when he told his father that he's hurt his back, and he played and lost, he realized how much need to be able to survive. Because such small animals as he is in the woods lurks so many dangers... And, above all, wolf!


Circle 2001

Fanny is ten year old girl and a very talented gymnast, but suddenly she's getting seriously injured and ends in a wheelchair.


Andrius 1980

A young boy Andrius learns a magic words which open a door to another world.

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Birthday World

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Birthday World 2001

It's Ronald's birthday and Hamburglar, upset that he didn't get Ronald a present, invites everyone to a fake amusement park known as "Birthday World" to celebrate, run by an evil mad scientist named Professor Thaddeus J. Pinchworm. Everyone is amused at first, but they can no longer escape and no longer fall for the poor designs of the rides until they ride a rollercoaster which turns them into babies (both Franklin and Tika are wearing diapers) and they need to find out how to return to their original ages, even though their certain abilities are limited since they are toddlers.

A Winter Morning

A Winter Morning 1967

A little girl named Katherine saved one boy's life during the bombing in Leningrad while under the Siege in WWII. The boy cannot speak yet. So she gave him a name Seryozha and provided him with food and care. She was later adopted by the boy's father, who recognized his son.

Yesterday's Boys Didn't Use Hair Fixers

Yesterday's Boys Didn't Use Hair Fixers 1937

A Young man from a wealthy family hide them his attraction for tango culture of arrabal. In a milonga he fell in love with Mirella and he have a knife fight with all others guapos that want her, he won. Time pass and Mirella became a mistress but this situation is unstable because of the society prejudices.