Mondi and Diana

Mondi and Diana 1985

Mondi, a schoolboy, is good at lessons but he is rather impulsive. His young and inexperienced teacher fails to see him for what he really is and in a sort of way contradicts him. While his father follows closely the positive inclinations of his son and helps him to form his personality.

Vellaiya Thevan

Vellaiya Thevan 1990

Vellaiya Devan is a 1990 Indian Tamil-language film, directed by Manoj Kumar and produced by Eknaath. The film stars Ramki, Kanaka, Janakaraj and Chitra in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilayaraja.

Inifinite Gift

Inifinite Gift 2015

Seminary students are profoundly touched as they experience a lesson that changes their view of the Savior’s Atonement in Robert Hatch’s new film, “Infinite Gift: What Does it Mean to You?”